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We provide top-notch services for all GaSonics equipment

Gasonics Services

GaSonics is the industry leader in low-cost ashing and etching systems. SPEC Equipment can support your reliable GaSonics products in the field by providing upgrades, or remanufacturing.

We adhere to the highest equipment refurbishment standards, following all GaSonics documentation and procedures for the rebuild process. We also use qualified GaSonics parts and services in our rebuilds.

Our high quality refurbished/remanufactured GaSonics ashing and etching systems include:

Gasonics equipment
  • GaSonics Aura 1000 (A1000),
  • GaSonics Aura 2000LL,
  • GaSonics Aura 3010 (A3010),
  • GaSonics AE 2000LL,
  • GaSonics AE 2001,
  • GaSonics L3510,
  • GaSonics PEP Iridia
  • And the Gasonics Plasma Etch 7100 Series.



We also provide parts, parts repair, or exchange for obsolete GaSonics and other ashing and etching systems.

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