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Suss MicroTec /  Karl Suss

SPEC Equipment specializes in Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss photolithography systems. We calibrate, repair, refurbish and rebuild numerous Suss MicroTec models to meet original manufacturer’s specifications. Our fully refurbished photolithography tools provide guaranteed performance with huge savings.

We offer system software and hardware performance upgrades as well as parts, parts repair and exchanges for obsolete Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss lithography equipment.










SPEC Equipment works with the following Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss tools:

·         Karl Suss MJB3

·         Karl Suss MJB4

·         Karl Suss MA6

·         Karl Suss MA6/BA6


·         Karl Suuss MA8/BA6

·         Karl Suss MJB21

·         Karl Suss MA24

·         Karl Suss MJB55


·         Karl Suss MA56

·         Karl Suss MA150

·         Karl Suss MA200



Our field support and maintenance services are unmatched in the semiconductor marketplace. SPEC Equipment’s professional service engineers have more than 25 years of combined experience with Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss equipment, ensuring the best service available on the market for these systems!

Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss Equipment
Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss Equipment

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