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SPEC Equipment offers fully refurbished and tested KLA-Tencor tools and metrology equipment found in many semiconductor fabs in the industry. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction at exceptional value. Not only do we refurbish and remanufacture to meet original specifications, but we also offer system hardware performance upgrades to extend the capabilities of existing equipment.


Some KLA-Products we offer:

KLA-Tencor Particle Measurement Systems for Non-Pattern or Patter Wafers:

  • Non-pattern Units: Surfscan 4000, 5000, 6xxx, SP1, SP2 and SP1 TBI Series
  • Pattern Units: Surfscan 7000 and AIT Series

KLA Defect Inspection Systems:

  • KLA 21xx Series
  • KLA UV Series

KLA-Tencor Surface Profilers:

  • Tencor Alpha Step Series
  • Tencor P Series
  • KLA-Tencor HRP Series

KLA-Tencor Prometrix, Resistivity Mapping Systems and Film Thickness Mapping Systems:

  • Resistivity Mapping Systems: Prometrix RS Series, Prometrix SM Series, KLA-Tencor FT Series, KLA-Tencor TF Series
  • Film Thickness Mapping Systems: Prometrix FT Series, Prometrix SM Series, UV Series, ASET Series

KLA-Tencor Overlay Registration, Reticule Inspection, and Defect Review:

  •  KLA-Tencor 5xxx Automated Overlay Systems:  KLA-Tencor 5100,  5200 / 5200XP
  • KLA-Tencor Archer Series
  • KLA-Tencor Reticule Inspection 3xx, SLF
  •  KLA-Tencor Defect Review CRS 1010
  •  KLA-Tencor eV300
  •  KLA-Tencor Flexius 23xx Series
  •  KLA-Tencor CD SEM’s 8100XP, 8250, eCD2
  • ThermaWave Therma-Probe and Opti-Probe Series

Our highly qualified technicians are proud to provide any field service, support, calibration and maintenance of your KLA-Tencor equipment onsite or in-house.


Some of our metrology equipment services include:
·         Audits
·         Installations
·         De-installations
·         Operator training
·         Maintenance training
·         Full time on-site service
·         Preventive maintenance
·         Telephone technical support
·         NIST calibration wafers (PSLs)
·         Local service engineers
·         Remanufacturer lasers
·         Replacement lamps

KLA-Tencor Equipment

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