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AG Associates 610 Heatpulse


Rapid Thermal Processor PC Controller with  2" to 6" Wafers Capability

  • Steady State Temperature Range: 400°C - 1200°C
  • Steady State Temperature Stability: (+ or -) 7°C
  • Heating Rate: 150c Per Second
  • Cooling Rate: Temperature Dependent - Max. 150°C Per Second
  • Capability of 2" to 6" wafers

System refurbishment includes: 

  • Replacement of Quartz Chamber
  • Unit includes one quartz tray (Note: customer to specify size)
  • Replacement of all lamps
  • All electronics are thoroughly tested for full functionality, if bad then replaced
  • All tubing is replaced
  • System covers are stripped & repainted with particle-free paint
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