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SPEC Equipment is a reliable source for ADE multifunction dimensional measurement systems. We provide high-quality, refurbished tools from all ADE product lines. We fully guarantee their tested performance at an exceptional value including a 6 months parts and labor warranty with all of our systems!

 Our east coast location specializes in ADE systems such as:

The MicroSense Series
·         ADE 6033T
·         ADE 6034
·         ADE 6035
The WaferCheck Series
·         ADE 7000
·         ADE 7200
·         ADE 8100
·         ADE 8300
The UltraScan Series
·         ADE 9300
·         ADE 9350
·         ADE 9600
The UltraGage Series
·         ADE 9500
·         ADE 9520
·         ADE 9700
SPEC Equipment prides itself in its performance-guaranteed refurbishment process which includes:

·         Removal and inspection of stations and subassemblies.

·         All electronics and wiring are thoroughly tested and repaired or replaced.

·         Bench test and matching of probe arms and gage PCB.

·         All consumable parts are replaced with new.

·         Station, subassembly and system setup performed to factory specifications.

·         Wafer transports tested per factory specifications.

·         Controller disk image backup provided.

·         Refurbished head and elevator assembly.

·         Elevator plates are stripped and re-anodized.

·         Repair controllers: UNIX MicroVac, ASC-1000, ASC-2000

·         All outer covers are stripped and repainted with particle-free paint.

Our ADE services involve a broad range of support. Some of the services we provide include: Audits, installation, de-installation, operator and maintenance training, per call service, preventative maintenance, telephone technical support, parts sale and repair as well as parts exchange services.


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