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New SP 3510PC systems utilize the same process hardware components while replacing the GaSonics L3510 legacy control items with a newly designed control system.


SP 3510PC Single Wafer Downstream Ash or Etch System

  • PC-based system (Windows XP)
  • Full-color, touch screen GUI
  • Full diagnostics software
  • Real-time graphics and feedback
  • Newly designed DC power supply
  • Field upgradable (< 4 hours)
  • 3 MFC's; 4 MFC's optional
  • Exceptional reliability, serviceability, and performance
  • Unlimited process recipes
  • High throughput, excellent uniformity
  • Capable of 75-200mm wafers

SP 3510PC Downstream Ashing System Single Wafer

SPEC Equipment has developed this new and improved PC-based system to replace the legacy GaSonics L3510 and surpasses it in performance and efficiency. The SP 3510PC is a customizable downstream photoresist removal system that utilizes time-tested process hardware components while replacing legacy control items and other obsolete devices and hardware. With numerous modernizations such as a newly-designed contemporary control system using a full-color graphic user interface, real-time graphing, and saved data recall, this system is unparalleled in the industry.

Photoresist Ash

  • Silicon, GaAs and Sapphire Modes
  • 75 to 200MM Wafers
  • Platen Heating: 75 - 275°C
  • Topside Lamp Heating/1000W
  • Ash Rate: 1 to 8µm/min
  • Descum: Up to 60wph
  • Photoresist: Up to 60wph
  • Implanted Resist: 45 – 60wph
  • System Matching: ± 10%
  • Uniformity ± 10%
  • No Plasma Damage/CV Shift: ≤ 0.1 volt
  • Pins Up-Pins Down Capability
  • Backside removal

Isotropic Etching

  • Silicon, GaAs and Sapphire Modes
  • 75 to 200MM Wafers
  • Platen Heating: 75 - 275°C
  • Topside Lamp Heating:1000W


  • Thermal oxide
  • Si3N4
  • Polysilicon etch/backside removal
  • Nitride strip/backside removal
  • Low temperature photoresist ash/CF4
  • Post ash residue clean up
  • Post via etch, veil removal
  • Light silicon

SP 3510PC Operator Interface

SP 3510PC Single Wafer Downstream Ash or Etch System

  • In-process real time graphing of process parameters
  • On-screen editing of recipes, system parameters and communications variables
  • Direct Digital I/O control and display in Maintenance Mode
  • On-screen display of system and error logs
  • Newdesign power supply replaces 3
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • New Pentium Computer replaces the DX 486

Operator Interface


Recipe Edit


Old/New Pentium Computer


New Pentium Computer

Satellite HAtm Zbot Replacement for the GaSonics 3000 Series Products

The Satellite HAtm-5.0 replaces the Brooks Zbot for the GaSonics 3000 series wafer ash equipment. After years of service and millions of wafer transfers with the GaSonics systems, the current Zbot has experienced normal wear and tear, compromising its accuracy and repeatability. The Satellite HAtm-5.0 will replace the Zbot, increasing the longevity and reducing the cost of the GaSonics 3000 Series products.

  • Direct replacement
  • New options available: Mapping sensor, Ethernet communication
  • Simplified integration: Self contain control system, Identicalcommand set as Zbot, Identical mounting interface
  • Integrated control board simplifies integration of the Satellite HAtm-5.0 with GaSonics systems
  • Communication connection: RS-232 or Ethernet
  • Power connection: 24VDC
  • Pneumatic connection 18-30 inches of Hg

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