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GaSonics Aura 1000 (A1000) System Control Module Upgrade is a computer-based system designed to control the electronic, mechanical and pneumatic functions.


GaSonics Aura 1000 (A1000) System Control Module Upgrade

  • Pentium Computer/Microsoft Windows  software
  • GUI touch screen interface, w/keyboard/mouse
  • Closed loop wafer temperature control/TC probe
  • Real time graphics display for process and hardware
  • Unlimited process recipes
  • Ethernet connection
  • Maintenance/Process Manual displayed on screen
  • Diagnostics page
  • Stainless Console enclosure, aluminum stand
  • New  downstream endpoint detection
  • Software controls pressure valve, no pressure  controller required
  • Older systems can be retrofitted

Operator Interface


Recipe Edit


Old/New Pentium Computer


New Pentium Computer

Handling Upgrade

  • New pneumatics panel and circuit board design with no wires
  • All fittings are quick disconnect, no more barb fittings
  • Hoses and wiring for arm movement enclosed in strain free track material
  • All moving parts now individually controlled by adjustment valves

New Pneumatics Panel Designed by SPEC

  • Valve adjustments for every moving part – door, arms, lifts, etc.
  • Old wiring removed

New Downstream Endpoint Detector

The “downstream” EOP replaces the chamber mounted EOP. There are major advantages for replacing the existing detector to a downstream version.

Gasonics A1000 Downstream Endpoint Detector (EOP)/Upgrade

Downstream EOP: PN A95-056-01

The “downstream” EOP replaces the chamber mounted EOP. There are major advantages for replacing the existing detector to a downstream version.

  1. The downstream EOP is not affected by the lamps. It is mounted in the pump (vacuum) line, remote from the lamps. This provides a very clear endpoint. The old style detector has a filter over the diode in an attempt to filter out the lamps while the new detector has no filter, only a photodiode.
  2. The old style detector and the internal electronics get very hot during cycling. This is because the detector is in the chamber cavity. This is not desirable because the electronics become stressed. Because the new downstream detector is remote from the chamber and heat, the electronics will have improved reliability.
  3. The EOP signal on the downstream EOP is monitoring light. This light is a simple chemical glow produced by the atomic oxygen. During the ashing of the resist, the light intensity or glow is very low. This is because the oxygen is busy removing the resist. When the resist is gone, there is plenty of atomic oxygen not doing anything, therefore the light or glow increases.
  4. Installing the EOP is simple. There are no electrical changes or extra wiring. The detector uses the existing harness
  5. Service and testing the new EOP is simple. It is outside of the tool. The EOP has been tested for many years, and is currently in production on hundreds of GaSonicsashers.
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